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  • Calibration Service

    Calibration Service

    Calibration Service - We can calibrate most makes of digital thermometer.
    Click on the heading or the image to be redirected to our contact page in order to enquire about the service.
    Provide us with the make and model of your thermometer
    The certificate of calibration we provide is "Traceable to National Standards"
    Traceability info such as Calibration equipment and uncertainties is provided on the cert.

  • Calibrated Fridge Thermometer or Room

    Room or fridge thermometer - Calibrated It mounts using built in magnets on any flat clean metal su[...]

    Stock Available: 46

    Price €54.00 ExVat
    €66.42 IncVat

  • Calibrated Food Thermometer

    Calibrated food thermometer Heavy duty thermometer for professional use and calibrated with accuracy[...]

    Stock Available: 5

    Price €124.00 ExVat
    €152.52 IncVat

  • Probe Wipes

    Box of 100 Individually foil wrapped, Blue, Probe wipes. Ingredients: 70% Isopropyl alcohol, Water [...]

    No stock

    Price €13.50 ExVat
    €16.61 IncVat

  • HACCP Probe Thermometer Kit

    Calibrated digital probe thermometer capable of measuring fridge, freezer, food and meat temperature[...]

    Stock Available: 4

    Price €159.00 ExVat
    €195.57 IncVat

  • Calibrated Cooking Thermometers

    This is a fast responding stainless steel thermometer with accuracy of +/-0.5°C and Certificate of [...]

    Stock Available: 9

    Price €54.00 ExVat
    €66.42 IncVat

  • Probe and Non Contact Combo

    A non contact infra red and probe thermometer combo Features Infrared and foldable stainless st[...]

    Stock Available: 10

    Price €94.00 ExVat
    €115.62 IncVat

  • Stainless Steel Food Probes

    RT24 Straight Format 3.3mm diameter General Purpose Stainless Steel Thermocouple T type Probe For RT[...]

    Stock Available: 4

    Price €32.00 ExVat
    €39.36 IncVat

  • 26 Litre cooler box with temperature display

    The RT620 - Is a passive insulated box Supplied with built in digital thermometer display. Passiv[...]

    Stock Available: 2

    Price €88.00 ExVat
    €108.24 IncVat