About Us

Reitech Instrumentation - est 1998

ISO9001:2008 Registerd No. 19.5363 Awarding Body: National Standards Authority Of Ireland
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WEEE registration number: IE00740

We manufacture and sell a range of thermometers for all parts of the food industry our current customers include
Meat Producers
Catering Companies
Deli Counters
Creches, Hospitals, Nursing Homes
Basically anywhere food has to be hygienically prepared.

The RT200 Range was designed and is manufacture in house, its well proven and is our best selling product.

Calibration: All our products are supplied with a certificate of calibration which is traceable to national standard, the traceable info and uncertainties are all on the cert. We do not batch test, whether we are recalibrating a customers thermometer or a new product, we individually test each one, so the results printed on the certificate of calibration are individual to that thermometer.

We can also offer a calibration service for this, and any other thermometers you may have, use the contact form to request a quote