Calibration Service

Calibration Service

We Calibrate Reitech Products and Most other makes

- 3 working days from receipt to dispatch
- Certificate of calibration at 5 test points (-20), 0, 25, 75, 100 degrees C
- Calibration traceable to national standards with uncertainties quoted
- Circuit Updates - Reitech products only
- Replacement seals - Reitech products only
- New battery
- Readings adjusted if necessary and if possible prior to testing
- Maintenance prior to calibration - Reitech products only - which includes Labour cost and parts - Excludes replacement probes, casing or circuit board
- New labels if necessary plus renewed calibration label
- General Clean up prior to calibration service
- Reitech RT200 Kits are charged for at the same price as one, i.e. we will apply the above to the thermometer with the Air probe and thermometer with Product probe.
- For best uncertainies possible, All calibrations are carried out in wet baths with the probes i.e. a system calibration

Please contact us for a calibration quote

The certificate we issue is Traceable To National Standards, It has the test equipment listed, pass fail result, actual readings, corrections and the uncertainties

So what do I do Next

- Very Important - Send the plug in probes as well as the thermometer
- Pack both the thermometer and probe in a strong cardboard box and send to

Reitech Instrumentation Ltd
Co Louth

Tel: +353 42 9371043 (National Calls 042 9371043)

Send by a method that provides you with proof of delivery and insurance

The above calibration service is not an extended warranty or service contract, instruments will be tested as found on the day