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Calibrated Fridge Thermometer or Room

Calibrated Fridge Thermometer or Room

Room or fridge thermometer - Calibrated
It mounts using built in magnets on any flat clean metal surface outside of the cold area of the fridge or freezer, or by double sided velcro for wall mounting.

Uses: Refrigeration, Room temperature monitoring

Calibrated at : -20°C, 0°C, +25°C or 0, 15, 30°C - Select from the "Available Options" Below
Alarm: Both Hi and Lo temperature alarm
The units temperature sensor is mounted at the end of a 3 metre lead.
The lead length extends the range of applications and mounting locations.

Note: This unit is not sealed and should be kept away from damp areas and insides of the refrigerator. It is not suitable for constantly moving from one location to another.

Range: -25°C To +70°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Display: Digital
Max Min Memory: Yes
Alarm Function: Yes Both High and Low Alarms
C or F Display: Yes
Accuracy: +/- 0.5 °C within the selected calibration range, see "Available Option" Below, +/-1°C elsewhere
Calibrated : Yes - Certificate Of Calibration Included as standard at no extra cost with full traceability.

We can also offer a calibration service for this, and any other thermometers you may have, use the contact form to request a quote

Available Options:

Calibration Points:

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